Our Patient Support Team’s mission is to make daily in-home monitoring with the SPEAC® System as easy as possible. These videos offer helpful hints and tips for patients and caregivers on Electrode Patch Application and gentle Electrode Patch Removal.

sEMG Electrode Patch Application Video

Video highlights:

  • Electrode Patch application preparation
  • Finding the Belly of the Biceps
  • Skin care tips for using the Electrode Patch
  • Using the SPEAC Arm Strap
  • Electrode Patch application reminders
  • Patient support team 24/7 direct phone

sEMG Electrode Patch Removal Video

Video highlights:

  • Removing the arm strap
  • Ending GTC Seizure Monitoring Mode on the Daily Monitoring Application
  • Electrode Patch removal preparation
  • Removing the sEMG Monitor
  • Recharging the sEMG Monitor
  • Electrode Patch removal methods
  • Skin care tips for using the Electrode Patch removal