Our Patient Support Team’s mission is to make daily in-home monitoring with the SPEAC® System as easy as possible. These videos offer helpful hints and tips for patients and caregivers on Electrode Patch Application and gentle Electrode Patch Removal.

sEMG Monitor: How to Resolve Operational Alerts

Video highlights:

  • Seizure Monitoring Mode On
  • Loose Electrode Alert
  • sEMG Monitor Critical Battery Alert
  • Lost Connection/Out Of Wi-Fi Alert
  • Battery Center Alert

sEMG Electrode Patch Application Video

Video highlights:

  • Electrode Patch application preparation
  • Finding the Belly of the Biceps
  • Skin care tips for using the Electrode Patch
  • Using the SPEAC Arm Strap
  • Electrode Patch application reminders
  • Patient support team 24/7 direct phone

sEMG Electrode Patch Removal Video

Video highlights:

  • Removing the arm strap
  • Ending GTC Seizure Monitoring Mode on the Daily Monitoring Application
  • Electrode Patch removal preparation
  • Removing the sEMG Monitor
  • Recharging the sEMG Monitor
  • Electrode Patch removal methods
  • Skin care tips for using the Electrode Patch removal