SPEAC® System Product Specs

The SPEAC System consists of two sEMG monitors, a laptop station and a wireless router. The sEMG monitor attaches to the biceps via an adhesive patch that contains three pre-gelled electrodes. Additionally, an arm band is provided to assist in keeping the monitor in place. Why the biceps? Click here to learn why.

Image of SPEAC System product specifications for the monitor, electrode patch, and wireless router

Indications for Use:

The SPEAC System is indicated for use an as adjunct to seizure monitoring in adults in the home or healthcare facilities during periods of rest. The device is to be used on the belly of the bicep muscle to analyze surface electromyographs (sEMG) signals that may be associated with generalized tonic-clonic (GTC) seizures and to provide an alarm to alert caregivers of unilaterial, appendicular, tonic extension that could be associated with a GTC seizure. The system records and stores sEMG data for subsequent review by a trained healthcare professional.