First in Class Seizure Monitoring

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The SPEAC® System is the first-of-its-kind monitoring and alerting system designed to help you, your epilepsy caregiver and your physician better manage your seizures. It is the first non-EEG, physiological, signal-based seizure monitoring system cleared by the FDA. A lightweight, non-invasive wireless monitor worn on the biceps muscle records surface EMG (sEMG) signals that have been shown in clinical studies to reflect the activation of the motor cortices. It alerts your caregiver when you may be having a GTC seizure. Once recorded, the clinical information can then be reviewed and interpreted by your physician. To learn more about how the system works, click here.

Fastest GTC Seizure Alarm on the Market

Icon of stop-watch showing that the SPEAC Sytem is the fastest GTC seizure alarm on the market

The SPEAC System has the fastest GTC seizure alarm on the market—shown in a clinical study to alarm within 5.3 seconds of a potential GTC seizure event. Unlike non-FDA cleared consumer products, the SPEAC System’s algorithm works during the identification of tonic activity allowing it to alarm faster. During a seizure emergency, response time is critical as most GTC seizures only last from 60-120 seconds. In a clinical study, the SPEAC System demonstrated 100% sensitivity when compared with vEEG, and a false alarm rate of 1.5 every 24 hours. Click to see the full Product Specifications.

Is the SPEAC System Right For You?

Icon of SPEAC Sytem seizure monitoring device on patient's bicep

Accurate seizure counts are critical for epilepsy management. Studies have shown that up to 55% of all seizures are not documented by patients (Hoppe, 2007). Over 80% of seizures at night are not recorded (Janz, 1962). To manage your seizures effectively and get them under better control, your doctor needs to know when you are having them, what type they are, and how long they are lasting. The SPEAC System can help.

Ask Your Doctor


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The SPEAC System provides you, your caregiver and your physician a new tool for seizure monitoring. Surface electromyography (sEMG) has been shown through clinical studies to be a useful biomarker for monitoring generalized tonic-clonic seizures. The System is intended to be used in the home or a healthcare facility. It is available by prescription only, so if you are interested in finding out if it may help you, we encourage you to talk to your doctor. Click for the FDA-cleared Indications for Use.