Real Time Alarms and Alerts

The SPEAC System has a three-tiered alarm and alerting system when a potential GTC seizure is identified. The sEMG Monitor alarms for a potential GTC seizure in an average of 5.3 seconds when used by adults. No other wearable seizure monitor on the market is that fast—and seconds matter when it comes to responding to a GTC seizure. Many seizures last only 60-120 seconds.

With our adjustable sensitivity setting, the sEMG monitor can be set to meet your unique needs. This allows you to wear the SPEAC System with fewer false alarms.

Remote Notifications to Put Your Caregiver at Ease

The SPEAC System includes caregiver notifications via text, email or phone so that they can rest easy knowing that they will quickly be notified of potential seizure activity. A seizure timer on the laptop base station tells your caregiver how long the seizure alarm has been sounding so they can make the appropriate decision according to your seizure action plan.

Color-Coded Operational Alerts

The SPEAC System includes color-coded operational alerts so you can be sure your unit is functioning properly. These include the following:

Loose Electrode Alarm: Sounds when the electrode patch is not properly adhered to the skin.

sEMG Monitor Battery Alarm: Sounds when the rechargeable battery is critically low (about 30 minutes left) and needs to be recharged.

Out of Range Alarm: Sounds when the sEMG Monitor is outside of the Wi-Fi range and cannot connect to the SPEAC System’s laptop base station.

Laptop Base Station Battery Alarm: Sounds when the Laptop Base Station battery is at a critically low level.