A Longer Term Objective Record… At Home

Reporting your seizure history and details about each event is a challenge. That’s how the SPEAC® System can help speak for you. For each identified event of interest, the SPEAC System provides several data points to help physicians diagnostically characterize and interpret what it was.

Objective data points include:

  • Seizure counts
  • Time and date stamps of the motor events of interest
  • Tonic phase duration of GTC seizures
  • Clonic phase duration of GTC seizures
  • Area Under the Curve ratios of the tonic and clonic phases
  • Audio recording (when captured by the System)

Subjective data points include:

The SPEAC2ME™ Portal gives online, secure access of your monitoring history to your physician. When your physician is better informed about what is happening, when and how often, you may get a better diagnosis and seizure treatment.